The GPD Pocket is a small handheld device from the GPD company out of HK, which produced other deveices such as the GPD Win, a Windows handheld game device.

Below are the Windows Drivers and Windows Factory Restore ISO files provided from the Indiegogo Campaign:

Hashes (from the local file I downloaded from Mega) obtained from

GPD-Pocket-drivers-2010609.rar - 240915083 bytes

  • SHA-1: 1acd3566bd72ef2011ee47a8f6712a9e2d35f42a

  • SHA-256: 85f75fa73044c5f73e2eca7bec547b42d4fe142630582d2c99a5d1a6c1e6e648

  • SHA-384: c68f756f78d3ec7324758b7a4bb64679b27d550c55dbbb4f8bae81944b450eac6185bc0b56bf1e5daa314714c4a6197f

  • SHA-512: 0c4a2b4cdb64964481dbfde5aaac2f2ec23dfb4a320d0ac1638b7602de7d4d3c30390f66679d6b3b90630b7b1171bb941db88ba24c9810c3a13e9b9c46b38190

GPD-Pocket-firmware-of-Windows-OS-20170526.rar - 7929984417 bytes

  • SHA-1: 6210dce1226039d0cce8053a85f491d45059b8ba

  • SHA-256: 87a1f231fa93a45db5b3b8fd36780ff2cd5857de77bb4c0d580366e599b1a817

Indiegogo Camapign

If you have any issues with these files or obtaining them, please let me know at david (@)

  • If you have found these files useful, please consider a Paypal donation for the cost of distributing these files. Any will help to distribute these via CDN around the world for best performance.

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